Study Tips

First of all realize that Finite Math is an extremely difficult course for most people, and you are probably going to have to dedicate significantly more time to it than your other classes. It’s best to take it during a light semester and plan on spending a lot of time doing homework. Plan specific times every night dedicated to practicing Finite; and whatever you do, don’t get behind.

How to best use this website:

  1. Watch the lecture videos here and try the quiz problems before attending your actual lecture. Check your syllabus given by your professor to see what section is covered by your upcoming lectures.

  2. After attending lecture come back and try the practice problems for the chapter you are on.

  3. Start your assigned homework from class and refer to our recorded lecture and practice problems for anything you are having trouble with.

  4. If you are having trouble with a particular problem and there is nothing on the site helping you or you can't find a similar example then submit the problem to us by navigating to the homework help -> submit a problem page of our site.

We will get a video response out to address your problem as soon as we can but we can't make any guarantees as far as response time goes. That's why you should always start your homework early and have better odds of getting a response before it's due. If you're lucky another student will be able to help you on the discussion boards.

Remember to start preparing for exams a few days or a week prior (as opposed to, the day before). Work through as many practice problems as you can under our practice problems tab. You can prioritize by chapters, and work more problems on chapters you feel less confident with. Get a good amount of sleep before your exam. Don’t stay up all night studying!


  • Drinking a fifth of Jager the night before midterm and sleeping through it.
  • Smoking before class.
  • Prostitutes.
  • Railroad tracks.