Webwork Problems - 4.1 Random Variables and Density Functions

Density Function - Aces, Faces, Non-faces

Rework problem 13 in section 4.1 of your text, involving drawing three cards from a deck of cards. Assume that the deck contains 4 aces, 7 other face cards, and 13 non-face cards, and that you randomly draw 3 cards. A random variable Z is defined to be 3 times the number of aces plus 2 times the number of other face cards drawn.

Random Variable Density Table - Unfair Coin

You are flipping a loaded coin and assume that Pr[H]=0.7. Also, assume that the coin is flipped 3 times and the random variable X is defined to be 3 times the number of heads minus 1 times the number of tails. How many different values are possible for the random variable X?